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August 18, 2010

Betting System for Craps

Betting System for Craps
It is impossible to overlook the great popularity that involves the game of craps. Like any important gambling, craps is constantly being the object of analysis of players scholars attempting to find new and better ways of commanding your bets.

One method used by players with quite some experience making bets in craps is called the set of five counters.

The steps involved in implementing this system for craps bets are those detailed below, trying to make more clear what the basic principles underlying the scheme.

The system of five meters is to analyze what the pitcher’s ability to repeat the point. According to the numbers to be throwing, it is assigned a new meter.

The fifth pitch, if you continue to get a point, one can consider the instance nominal arrival of the fifth counter, the punter being enabled to start making your own game, placing their bets.

Thus, the gambler craps fan, has a single record for each pitcher, becoming therefore reflected the different qualifications of each of the throwers. When evaluated in the same way for all pitchers, you lose the subjective factor is so important in this game: the way in which everyone rolls the dice is, indeed, different, and will also be different, therefore, the results obtained.

January 5, 2010

Why play at craps online

The first advantage to the craps game online is that the Internet casinos do not have to give a tip to the counter, to get tips from professionals in the game, because websites specializing in online gambling are full, as are also many websites casino.

Even better, the casinos on the Internet you will have the chance to play the dice game online totally free, to get used to the environment of the game and to learn more about the game of craps. Additionally, players who feel a discount in terrestrial casinos, in the presence of many other people will be happy to play at dice from your PC, from home, comfortably and quietly.

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