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August 18, 2010

Betting Limits (part 2)

Betting Limits2
As we discussed in the example of roulette, the minimum limits casinos and online casinos choose to play with, besides being in relation to the criterion of the casino itself, must take into account the specificity of each game.

The example that was used to plot the relationship between the threshold of the inside bets and outside bets on the roulette wheel. Many online casinos come to have minimum betting limits roulette inside bets $ 1. However, for outside bets hard down 5 or 10 euros.

When it comes to European casinos is not uncommon that the limits are on these amounts. For its part, American casinos do not usually lose $ 10 limit for outside bets roulette.

Another issue that slowly begins to draw near to which we have been discussing, is the maximum bets.
The latter, as surely everyone will understand, is the upper limit of the bet, above which a particular bet can not exceed a certain amount.

June 8, 2010

Performance and Betting on Roulette

Placing bets on a roulette table is one of those activities that we can play for a number of hours continuously, without feeling any kind of exhaustion, boredom, or any other feeling tired, because the emotion of the game is such, and requires turn a degree of empathy with what is happening inside the roulette table, the cloth on the wheel, with players who crowd to put their chips in the boxes to create favorable, the process by which actions are carried out in this game, but does not break, keeps us constantly on edge.

Clearly, then, that when we talk about unlimited entertainment in a roulette table, there are exaggerating. But that still raises a second question referred to the roulette gambling, but it would also be reference to any other casino game that we find it as exciting as the roulette wheel.

We are talking, no more no less, that we must be very careful when we are making bets on a roulette table. For if we do not perceive the fatigue, that does not mean it is not exactly this, and that does not shine, as he often does, on our best faculties.

March 5, 2010

Roulette Betting Systems

new way to bet online
There are hundreds of table games casino betting systems out there that promise riches to those who are willing to part with a few dollars. The systems simply do not work. There is no way a betting system alone can never overcome the house advantage in the long term. Vendors of these systems will try to hook you to buy their products, trying to answer all your questions and intelligent obvious in advance. Like “If you can make so much money with the betting system, then why you are selling instead of using it?

The answer goes something like, “I made my millions and now want to share with everyone, but only to those who undertake to do a lot of money.” Its seriousness is measured by your willingness to give them some of your money.

It’s pretty easy to debunk these false allegations. One only need to run computer simulations of thousands or millions of shots, roulette turns or whatever. If the house has a mathematical advantage that going to benefit the process, the advantage does not change, because you want to or because you pay someone to say that will change.

But there is something that the computer simulations and betting systems can not or do not take into account and that is the human factor. Some board games in casino like blackjack online, craps and roulette in particular are strongly influenced by human factor.

In Roulette the human factor is the dealer. The dealer should have some influence on the landing area of the ball. Common sense tells us that! The dealer determines the speed of the wheels, the point of ball release and velocity of ball release. All these play a roll in which the ball will land. Obviously, canoes or deflectors on the wheel itself and cut the splitting factor in the pocket landing area as well, but no computer simulation of the game that I know takes these factors into consideration. How could they?

Lets face, the casino does not continue to change the design of the roulette wheel, making it less deep pockets and dividers sharper ball with a different weights, if they were convinced that the results of the wheels were pretty random.

February 1, 2010

December 21, 2009

Roulette: the system of dozens

The system of dozens in the game of roulette-a casino game based on luck-riched that players maintain control of their emotions even when they can win good sum of money.

Like all strategies to the roulette virtual casino, the system of dozens in the game of roulette may not work sometimes, but generally should help you to win small amounts of money regularly. All you have to do is bet on 12 numbers on the roulette wheel at the same time, that is about two dozen. To decide what they will, simply note the number that came out a winner before you start to implement this strategy. For example, if the number 13 comes out a winner, your scores will be from 1 to 12 and from 25 to 36.

December 18, 2009

Roulette: the system of biloxi

The system biloxi to the roulette game is a strategy devised by the sheriff in Kansas City, Joe Biloxi, irritated by the fact that continued to lose, as the roulette wheel was his favorite casino games.

The essence of this roulette system requires you to choose to focus on the strategic issues and at the same time, covering two to three columns on the table. More precisely, we must move 6 chips on the first and third column, a chip on the line between 0 and double-0, another between 17 and 20 and the last of these, between 26 and 29; in this way will be involved in this system 32 on 38 numbers at roulette electronic virtual. Most importantly, you should absolutely not change, ie raise the amount of your play while you are using the system Biloxi, but always make use of fixed point, if not, you will not have any guarantee of success!

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