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August 18, 2010

Betting Limits (part 2)

Betting Limits2
As we discussed in the example of roulette, the minimum limits casinos and online casinos choose to play with, besides being in relation to the criterion of the casino itself, must take into account the specificity of each game.

The example that was used to plot the relationship between the threshold of the inside bets and outside bets on the roulette wheel. Many online casinos come to have minimum betting limits roulette inside bets $ 1. However, for outside bets hard down 5 or 10 euros.

When it comes to European casinos is not uncommon that the limits are on these amounts. For its part, American casinos do not usually lose $ 10 limit for outside bets roulette.

Another issue that slowly begins to draw near to which we have been discussing, is the maximum bets.
The latter, as surely everyone will understand, is the upper limit of the bet, above which a particular bet can not exceed a certain amount.

June 8, 2010

About Online Gambling Games

The online gaming world forces us to be in a constant discovery of new casino games. Many of which are for the average betting enthusiast, perfect strangers, why, surely, become as uncertain as seductive. The new always has a different taste, exotic perhaps, or not, but always draws us in a special way. And in the case of gambling it is no different.

But as we find it attractive, safe, proven experience of placing bets in a casino game online with which we had not previously had contact, also springs to the head, almost instantaneously, to bet on a game well, some uncertainty, similar to anxiety, precisely because they can not operate as we would like each of the instances that are part of the new casino game with which we are trying to entertain and, surely, to make money.

But that is in some way natural. Whenever you discover something articulate emotion and anxiety, causing the excitement that makes us hurry, which makes us feel anxious and at the same time, the threshold that makes us fear the unknown.

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